The Afghan Info Plaza  business page offers you the opportunity to showcase your business / services in our content engine. You have the ability to add pictures, posters, flyers, videos, important business info and link to your website (if you have one). Afghan Info Plaza is SEO optimized to make sure you’ll be easily found by the search engines like Google and Bing.

How your page will look on Afghan Info Plaza and specifications:

  1. Large company banner: Image no smaller than 2500 pixels by 820 pixels.
  2. Contact info: Physical address (if applicable), Phone number, Hours of operation (optional), Contact email, Website.
  3. Deals (sold separately): If you’re advertising deals on our site, visitors will be able to find your deal through our many search options.  Wherever they find the deal, it will link to this part of your company page, where they can read the full details.
  4. Gallery: This is where you can show your visitors photos and videos of your products, services, events, whatever you like.

Price: $120 per year 
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