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Address | 7370 Woodbine Ave. Unit 27,
Markham, ON, L3R 1A5
Phone | 647 784 0171
Cell | 647 764 7133

About Halal Cake Factory

Halal Cake Factory is one of the biggest suppliers of delicious and sweet cookies in Toronto and GTA. We also make the best state-of-the-art designs for your wedding, engagement or birthday cakes.

We have a big variety of  cakes (wedding, engagement and birthday) and  flavoured cookies, like: barg, maleke badam, setare mahtab, sambose naryal, baglava, namaki, cream roll and much more!

We use different kinds of nuts, date, different kinds of jam and chocolate to give our cookies a delicious and original taste. We also make bread (nane khasa).

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