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Address | 565 Markham Rd, Scarborough, ON, M1H 2A3
Note: We are located inside Saleem Caravan Farm
Phone | 289 923 7204
Cell | 416 895 4838

About Lazeez

Lazeez Kabob & Catering Service is specialized in great authentic Afghan food. We are well-know for our delicious taste!

We offer dine-in (lunch buffet) and take-out in our restaurant inside Saleem Caravan Farm Supermarket.

Our restaurant menu includes:

- Chaplee Kabob                  - Ashak
- Shamee Kabob                  - Mantu
- Tikah Kabob                       - Bolani (leek / potato)
- Chicken Tikah                     - Chainaky
- Chicken Leg                        - Fries
- Whole Chicken                  - Shor Nakhod
- Qabily                                   - Dough
- Beryani                                - Softdrink


Lazeez Kabob & Catering Service also offers catering services for any occasion, like weddings, engagement, birthday, private parties and other special occasions! 

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