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Address | 20 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1A9
Phone | 905 770 5500
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About New Era Automotive

New Era Automotive is committed to providing quality and timely automotive servicing at very reasonable prices. Our certified technicians realize that your satisfaction depends on our workmanship. Therefore, our main focus lies in performing each job with precision, attention to detail, and using the most suitable parts.

New Era Automotive carries professional-grade equipment for every service. We believe that doing the job right begins with having the right tools and machinery.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


    · Coolant system flush · Air filter replacement · Fuel filter replacement · Headlight replacement · Oil & filter change · Power steering fluid flush · Transmission fluid flush · Wiper blade replacement · Tire repair & replacement · Tire rotation & balancing


    · Serpentine belt replacement · Ignition wire replacement · Spark plug replacement · Timing belt replacement · Catalytic converter repair · Exhaust pipe repair · Muffler repair and replacement · Oxygen sensor replacement · Brake repair and replacement · Wheel bearing replacement · Wheel bearing replacement · Air conditioning repair · Coolant hose replacement · Radiator repair · Water pump repair · Fuel injector repair · Fuel pump repair · Alternator replacement · Starter replacement · Shock & strut replacement


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