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Address | 55 Glen Cameron Rd, Thornhill, ON L3T 5W2 unit 7
Phone | 647 234 2222

About Riaz Catering

Riaz Catering has more than 40 years of experience in the catering/ restaurant business. It's one of the best catering services in Toronto and GTA with high quality authentic Afghan food! Riaz Catering is under management of Riaz Ahmadzai and is serving the Afghan community for more than 17 years.

We do catering  for Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Party, Privet Parties and Khatme Quran. Minimum 20 persons and maximum can be 5,000 persons (no problem for Riaz Catering).

We have packages for:

  1. Khatme Quran - 10 course menu $13 : Qabily palow, Showla, Chicken kabob, Shami kabob, Qurme ghosht, (Sabzi or Badenjan burani) Salad, Ferni and Bread.

  2. Private parties - 13 course menu $16 : Qabily palow, Chalow, Showla, Chicken kabob, Shami kabob, Qurme ghosht, Mantoo, (Sabzi or Badenjan burani) Salad, Ferni, Baklava and Bread.

  3. Wedding - 24 course menu  :  Qabily palow, Chalow, Zamarad Palow, Narenj Palow, Showla, Roasted Lamb Que, Chicken kabob,  Qurme ghosht, Mantoo, (Sabzi or Badenjan burani) Salad, Feash fruits, Ferni, Poden, Jelly, Baklava, Jalibi and Bread.

  4. We also serve Iranian, Indian and Italian food upon request.

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