create-an-account-fiAfghan Info Plaza offers multiple advertising options — some for any budget — to attract targeted visitors to your business.

Advertising on Afghan Info Plaza is flexible: you decide when ads run, when they end and what content goes in them.

What you get by signing up

Put your company out there

A one-time $20 annual fee buys you a Company page that includes your company’s address, phone number, email address and even website. We will create an account for you so you can edit and add to your company’s info, Deals and Gallery images.

Run Deals on our platform

When you pay and create your new Company page, you get one Deal for free. This Deal appears on our Deal Page in this app and on our webiste. The Deal expires after two weeks, after which you can continue to run it for $5 every two weeks.

Show your Company’s Gallery images to the public

Upload your own images to your Company page’s image Gallery. This is free of charge!

How to pay

A simple payment of $20 buys you your Company page. Here’s how you can pay now:

Clicking on the link below will send you to PayPal’s secure payment portal where you can pay online.

We accept cheques made out to Info Plaza Inc.. Mailing address is P.O. Box 12859, Scarborough ON L4S 3V7

contact-tnWant to make alternate arrangements?
Contact us
Phone: 416 822 5566 or 647 885 5270

After you’ve paid

After you have completed your initial $20 payment, we will:

1) review your information and contact you to set up your account and
2) send you your login information so you can login to your account in the app.

If you have any questions about setting up your account, feel free to contact us.


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